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How To Add DMCA Protection Badge On WordPress Website

dmca badge on website
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Protection Badge on Website

DMCA Protection Badge On Website;- Hey readers in this article I will tell you to how to add DMCA protection badge on your WordPress and blogger website if you are running a WordPress and blogger website then you can immediately add a DMCA badge on your website

Because DMCA badge are protected your website from others bloggers to copy content because now many of bloggers are copy and paste content and also the ranked easily and DMCA badge are protect from others

DMCA Protection Badge

dmca badge

What is DMCA

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is a controversial United States digital rights management ( DRM ) law enacted October 28, 1998, by then-President Bill Clinton. The intent behind DMCA was to create an updated version of copyright laws to deal with the special challenges of regulating digital material.

Benefits of DMCA badge on Website

  1. Signing the notice.
  2. Identifying the work that was infringed.
  3. Identifying the infringing material.
  4. Providing contact information for the complaining party.
  5. Stating a good-faith belief of infringement.
  6. Stating, under penalty of perjury, that the complaining party is authorized to act on behalf of the copyright owner.

How to add DMCA Badge On Website


Go to the Dmca website and first of all create your DMCA account and get your DMCA badge so let’s check how to create DMCA account and after creating your DMCA account then you can easily add DMCA badge

After signup on DMCA website then you redirect on DMCA dashboard and you Select your badge and see a DMCA badge code in the right side and now you can paste the DMCA code on WordPress and bloggers website

dmca badge on website

Select your any badge and go to your WordPress dashboard and go to the widget option and get a custom HTML option and paste your DMCA code and save it and now you can see DMCA bade are live on your website

dmca badge on website

now your DMCA Badge is live and also your account is Content is protected this is a method to add DMCA badge if you add this code in your blogger website then also your website protected

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