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Buy Free Domain Name Registration Free Domain Name In 60 Seconds

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How To Buy Free Domain Name

Hey Readers in this article I will teach you How can We Buy Free Domain Name Without Any Charges Many Buy Free Domain Name Registration | Check and Register Domain for Free Many peoples are not afforded for buy domain but don’t worry We share with you to buy free domain name so lets explore it how can we buy domain for free

buy free domain name

Buy Free Domain Name Registration

Guys, there are many of many methods to can buy a free domain they are many of website are provide free domain but not for all extension they only give you low-quality domain extensions, for example, .tk .ml .ga and etc

How to Buy .tk Domain and other extensions For Free

there are many of website are provide .tk and .ml and .ga extension sol lets explore it how can we buy free domain names there are many of website are provide .tk and all others free extension domains so let us start feenom domain provide website tutorial to how can we buy from them

Step.1 Go to Feenom Website click here to visit feenom

Step 2.  Create Your Account On Feenom website Using Google and Facebook choose anyone one to create the account on feenom website

buy free domain name

After create and login with your feenom account then you can visit these types of web page now you can choose and select your business domain name like you can search and check your domain name is available or not after seeing your domain is available then click to buy this domain

buy free domain name

After visit then you need to click To Get id now domain after click then clicks to check out option and click to check out then you need to recommend to select the domain for 1 year because .tk domain 1 year for free so you can select r 1 years

buy free domain

After Click to continue then you need to fill up your contact details like name number and address then you need select agreements on feen then click to complete this order


buy free domain names

Now you can see you a receipt for this your free you can easily use on WordPress platform and also you can use it on Blogger platform and create your website on worldwide’

buy free domain names

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If you are confusing and facing some issue to buy free domain then you can free to comment ask with our team and we are Solve your problem and now thanks for visiting our website read more stuff and learn more important things thanks for visiting

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