Best Free Blogging Sites in 2019 To Create Your (Personal Blogs)

best free blogging sites
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Best Free Blogging Sites in 2019 To Create Blogs

Best Free Blogging Sites If you are looking for the best free blogging sites on which you can start your personal blog, and Create Free Blogging website then I will tell you my best top 10 free blogging platforms to create free blogging sites and also you can create for web 2.0 Website so let us check the top Best free blogging sites to create Personal Blog or Websites

Best Free Blogging Sites

free blogging sites

Best Free Blogging Sites

First of all, on Know that all free blogging websites, get they will provide you Sub-domain which you can use as a personal blog address.

For example: In case if you are trying to register on a website, ultimately, your address will turn out to be

Many free blogging platforms provide you Sub-domain URL WordPress or any other platform name will be added in a free sub-domain system. Example WordPress, Blogger, Weebly etc

Pros of using a Free Domain Name

  • First of all, you get a free domain for a lifetime (until and unless you violate the terms and policy of platform if you violate a program and policy then any time your domain suspended and also your account disabled in any time)
  • Different range of domain names available
  • Easily ranked in Google Because Sub-domains are High Da pa URL

Cons of Free Domain Name

  • People might think that you are not serious about blogging
  • Not look like others professional websites
  • Long Website URL

Top 10 Best Free Blogging Sites To Start Your First Personal Blog

How To Create Professional Website On Blogger Full Guide

best free blogging sites

Well, the list of the top free blogging sites will always start with Blogger website platform. because blogger is one of the top Free blogging sites on to create own personal blog

Blogger is providing fully customization setting you can also make a professional website on blogger

Blogger My Pros & Cons of Using Blogger

  • You can change any time Your Website URL and Add you Custome domains like
  • Still, majority people use blogger to start their own websites because it gives them great control criteria.
  • In Blogger, you can create blog posts, add images, videos to your post and add links and make it look attractive.
  • You can also use of different monetization platforms on Blogger like Amazon, Adsense, and other affiliate programs.

Cons of Blogger

  • Finally, you don’t get a unique domain name and only get a sub-domain name.
  • you don’t have total control on your website. Hence, Google has the rights to remove your website  to think Violet policy

best free blogging sites

WordPress is also one of the best free blogging platforms to create your free blog website and create a personal blog or website WordPress platform which is the most popular for creating the blog, you can easily create your personal blogs, either professional or mediocre level, all depends on you

Still, if you are using the free version of WordPress, you will get few options but blogging will still be fun and use to create a free blog

WordPress is Provide Free Website Themes and Plugins to use your blog to create a more professional stunning blog

Finally, if you have decided to create your first personal blog on WordPress, there are some Limitations

  • You cannot make use of Google Adsense, Amazon or other monetization programs while using the free version. 
  • You will just get a sub-domain
  • If you are using free Version then they will now provide full customization Control

Still, if you are Start a free blog website then WordPress free version is always a blessing.

free blogging sites

Weebly is also best free blogging platforms to create a free blog and website and create personal blogs

if you new and beginners s then you can easily create a free blog on Weebly because Weebly is easy to use and Drag and drop system

Pros of Weebly

  • It gives you 500MB storage which is more than enough for personal blogs or Websites
  • Speed and usability Fast Loading
  • Even if you are using Free plan on Weebly they provide Free SSL certificates without an extra charge
  • Responsive Themes
  • Easy To use

Cons On Weebly 

  • Storage space is limited and you cannot really start a professional blog on Weebly
  • Limited Design Flexibility


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